Ryan Hydraulics Was Invited to Metallurgy Industry Ceremony

Hold by Society of Chinese Metal, annually ceremony of metallurgy industry-2018 National Experience Exchanging Meeting for Metallurgy Equipment hydraulic lubrication pneumatic technology, will be convened in beautiful Ningbo on Aug 25th. Mainly guest of this meeting are steel enterprise leader, engineer, college, design colleges, domestic and overseas parts manufacturer of hydraulic lubrication and pneumatic and system manufacturer. This meeting is In order to increase the level of domestic metallurgy equipment hydraulic, lubrication, pneumatic technology and level of administration.

Ryan Hydraulics, as represent of excellent hydraulic parts manufacturer, will attend the meeting. The hydraulic parts made by Ryan Hydraulics are approved reliable and advanced by hydraulic industry. So Ryan Hydraulics is invited to this meeting to study with excellent peer enterprise and technology experts about the application and development of hydraulic equipment in metallurgy industry.

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