Here's our promise

“timely, professional, efficient”, fulfill our service promise to each customer.

A 30 Minutes Instant Response

We promise an instant response within 30 minutes, answer your question or respond to your proposals during working hours.

An 8-hour Email Response

We promise to reply to you within the same day when we receive your email. We will inform you of the response time in case of any failure response.

A 48 Hour Response at the Jobsite

In case of any obstacles within 800km, we promise a service at the jobsite within 48 hours. For the jobsite more than 800 km away, we promise a jobsite service within 72 hours.

A 365-day Continuous Test

We keep continuous performance test, load test, tough application test, endurance test, hydrostatic settling test, salt spray test, utmostly improve the stability and matching property .

A 7/24 Hour All-weather Service

Engineer team solves a series of problems arising from product selection, product testing, installing and debugging, troubleshooting, ensuring that each link is docked, providing professional, timely and thoughtful service.