There are usually two kinds of hydraulic seals, the most popular one is NBR (acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber). The temperature range of NBR is -40℃~100℃(Static Seal), -40℃~80℃( rotation Seal). If the operation temperature is higher, FPM (fluorine-containing rubber) will be used. The temperature range of FPM is -30℃~150℃(Static Seal), -30℃~100℃(rotation Seal). The cost of FPM is a little bit higher than the cost of NBR. In addition to NBR and FPM, there are U-ring (urethane rubber), Q-ring (silicon rubber), PTFE- ring (teflon). They are chosen by different application.

If you choose the special type of power unit, firstly, schematic diagram should be supplied, which is significantly necessary. Then other information is to be offered as follows: power, voltage and frequency of electric motor, displacement of gear pump, volume of oil tank, hydraulic pressure of the system. If you couldn’t supply the data above, then we can help you design the system, however you have to supply the operation condition, such as pre-set actions, the diameter, the stroke and load of cylinder, the duration time of the actions. We could also help you choose the types of cylinder.

The gear scratches inside the aluminum body are caused by chamber sweeping, which is an important procedure to manufacture gear pump. Before recording the test data, the test operators have to gradually increase the pressure from 0 to the preset sweeping pressure , and keep the pump running for a fixed period , resulting in a few sweeping scratches. With this chamber sweeping, gear can match the pump body completely, so as to achieve radial sealing. If no sweeping chamber or insufficient sweeping before delivery, when the customers use the gear pump, that will cause some aluminum bits, damaging the system. If over-sweeping, that will damage the internal part of the pump, and negatively affect the performance.

It’s better to confirm the rotation of the pump while releasing purchase order. Although the rotation could be changed, we could not guarantee that the performance will be negatively affected or not . The gear pump of Group 3 or smaller , customers could change the rotation by yourselves, which is to change the position of driving gear and driven gear, and to make the oil groove of the shaft bushing aligning with the inlet port. As for the gear pump of Group 0 and group 1 which the inlet and outlet ports are not in the side, it is necessary to change the cover. Please contact us for more details, if you want.

The hydraulic control valve with proportional control, the ratio of the shift of spool and inlet force won’t vary upon the change of load. As for the routine control valve, the change of the load will affect the flow of hydraulic oil. The hydraulic control valve with proportional control not only keep the operator more comfortable, but also save more power. It is impossible for the routine valve to do it.

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