Hydraulic Industry: Localization of Core Components Promoted by Industrial Strong Foundation

Hydraulic parts as the core precision manufacturing products, the market space is broad and the current high-end market is still occupied by foreign brands. With the gradual maturity of domestic enterprises in technology and technology and the sustained prosperity of downstream industries, the relevant superior producers will be able to achieve a dual breakthrough in high-end product technology and market, thus sharing the expanding domestic market demand, and even some excellent enterprises can participate in global competition to achieve the expansion of the overseas market. In addition, the market after hydraulic parts has more than 10 billion market demand scale, market structure is more decentralized, high-quality enterprise market share has further room to expand.

The domestic market space of the hydraulic market is over 50 billion yuan, and the industrial strong foundation hydraulic short board needs to be strengthened urgently. As an important part of the transmission and control system, hydraulic parts are needed to be strengthened as industrial short plates. The domestic hydraulic parts market is the second largest in the world with more than 50 billion yuan. Domestic-funded hydraulic enterprises have a large number of high-quality customers and have a unique development environment. After the initial realization of localization, the internal asset dealers can expand their space. From the field of application, it can expand to aerospace and other sophisticated fields. From the product category, from low-threshold products such as cylinders to high-difficulty high-value products such as pump valves has just begun to expand.

The high-end market is still monopolized by foreign brands, and import substitution is the long logic of the development of domestic firms. The domestic hydraulic industry started late, the base is thin, more than 20 billion space of high-end hydraulic parts in the field is even in a blank state. Including construction machinery pump valves, Aerospace Hydraulic components and other fields are basically monopolized by foreign capital such as Rexroth and Kawasaki. But after decades of technology and technology accumulation, domestic dominant producers are rapidly maturing, taking advantage of the sustained outbreak of domestic downstream market demand and some industrial policy support, Hengli Hydraulic and other national brands are ushering in a double breakthrough in technology and market. Superior domestic brands have begun to participate in the high-end market competition and realize the strength of core equipment import substitution, industry inflection point has come.

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