Smart farming here in China

In terms of Smart Farming, Zoomlion Ag Section integrates global technical resources, integrates the characteristics of Chinese agronomic conditions, develops and promotes “smart farming” equipment and solutions with Chinese characteristics, and is a pioneer in the development of “smart farming” in Chinese agricultural machinery equipment industry.

Zoomlion Smart Farming integrates geographic information system, global positioning system, sensing technology, remote sensing technology, communication technology, Internet and computer automatic control technology, etc., comprehensively applied to the field of agricultural production to achieve precision planting in agricultural production , Visual management and intelligent decision-making.

Zoomlion adopts laser-controlled leveling technology to level the land accurately to 2 cm, increase land utilization rate by 3-7%, rationally use water resources, and reduce water consumption and irrigation time by 30%-50%. Using soil testing and formula fertilization technology, zone control and variable application control technology, the intelligent and accurate land leveling, variable seeding, fertilization, irrigation and other production processes are completed. Avoid repeated stocking and misoperation, planting more than 5%, and seeding accuracy up to 2cm. Through crop monitoring solutions, based on satellite and aerial imagery, to analyze the growth of crops and pests and diseases. Through the application of new technologies, the traditional agricultural production and operation mode will be changed, and the productivity and profitability will be improved.

Zoomlion has given a good start to the implementation of China’s smart agriculture, but it is still a long way to go to promote the digitalization of Chinese current agriculture. To collect information on the climate, such as humidity, temperature, soil, diseases and insect pests, etc., requires huge investment and government support, and requires a lot of manpower, financial resources and material support. At present, some high-tech companies intend to use the remote sensing mapping technology to carry out corresponding climate and soil data collection in Jiangsu. Maybe one day, such big data will be used in modern smart agriculture.

Zoomlion is developing big horse power tractor and smart havesting machines, GRH has been cooperation with Zoomlion as a strategic cooperation partner, to supply Zoomlion with quality Gear PumpGear Motors, orbital motors and Load Sensing Proportional Valve as well, to work with Zoomlion for smart farming here in China.

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