Overview of Hydraulic Industry

Because of its characteristics, hydraulic technology is indispensable to many large equipment. Therefore, the hydraulic industry is also the backbone of the national economy. The world industrial power, are hydraulic power.
1.Global hydraulic market scale
At present, the global hydraulic industry is mainly concentrated in the United States, Germany, Japan, China and other countries. According to the international fluid power statistics agency, the statistical scale of the member units of the world hydraulic industry in 2016 was 28.2 billion euros (the total size is estimated to be 30 billion to 40 billion euros), among which, according to the market sales, the United States accounted for 34%, China accounted for 28%, Japan accounted for 7%, and the European Community accounted for 31%.

2.State of China’s hydraulic industry
China’s hydraulic industry generated sales of 52 billion yuan in 2016, with imports of about us $1.75 billion and exports of us $800 million. The total capacity of the domestic market is 58.2 billion yuan. But this figure is only the number of hydraulic pneumatic seal industry association member statistics, the actual scale is much larger, conservative estimates, between 80 billion to 100 billion yuan.
China is a major hydraulic power, accounting for one third of the world’s demand. Most of the domestic hydraulic components on the market today were available in Europe and the United States 30 years ago. Due to the performance of some domestic hydraulic components, although in continuous improvement, there is a considerable gap from the advanced level of the world counties, therefore, at present, China needs hydraulic components and about 1/5 to import, accounting for about 1/4 of the world market.
At present, China’s high-end hydraulic market, such as heavy machinery equipment, metallurgy, construction machinery, oil, electricity, Marine and other fields, are dominated by foreign products, especially in the construction machinery field. By the end of 2017, the hydraulic parts used in excavators above 20t were basically from abroad.

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