Instructions about hydraulic power unit

some customers are not very familiar with hydraulic power units. Whether in the process of installation or operation, they might make some mistakes, they might rely more on experience instead of technology. Ryan reminds you to pay attention to the following issues:

hydraulic power units includes: Gear Pump, valve manifold, filter, electric motor, and reservoirs ,etc. the gear pump displacement and pressure ranges varies upon different applications.

1 When the power unit leaves the factory, the pressure has been preset. If you need to make changes, the user can adjust the system pressure through the pressure regulating valve knob according to the actual working conditions. Pay attention to the correct adjustment according to the operation manuals, and the pressure of the system cannot be exceeded.

2 When installing and commissioning for the first time, pay attention to the oil level inside the fuel tank. After an operation cycle, the fuel tank should be filled with oil, but not overfilled.

3 Carefully check the wiring of the motor and solenoid valve, and it is strictly forbidden to connect it falsely.

4 When connecting the motor and the solenoid valve, specially pay attention to the power supply characteristics (AC, DC) and the voltage consistent with the mark. The shell of the AC power motor must be grounded reliably, and it is strictly prohibited to operate without grounding. Pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof motor junction box. When wiring for the first time, carefully check the direction of the motor. From the back of the motor, the direction of rotation is counterclockwise. It is absolutely forbidden to rotate the motor in the opposite direction and run without oil.

5 When filling the oil tank, the hydraulic oil must be filtered, and the filtering accuracy shall not be less than 9 µm.

6 The power unit cannot filter out the contaminations inside the Hydraulic Cylinder. Therefore, the hydraulic cylinder must be clean, to prevent the control valve from any failure. The tubing must also be clean.

7 under the circulating oil operation, the electric heater can raise the temperature, the cooler can decrease the temperature , so that you can keep the oil temperature stabilized between 15°C and 65°C .

The Hydraulic Power Unit generally adopts a closed fuel tank structure, so it is allowed to work in very tough environments with large dust collection. But pay attention to cleaning the dust on the hydraulic equipment when using it to ensure that the hydraulic system has good heat dissipation and easy maintenance.

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