Hydraulic Motor Mixing Basic System

As we all known, hydraulic motors are widely used for mixing. Different industries require different media for mixing. When we select a hydraulic motor, we must confirm the required torque and speed of the motor during operation as well as consider whether there are several working conditions and whether Stepless speed regulation is required.

Power part:

The vast majority of hydraulic pumps are driven by engines/motors and suck in oil from hydraulic oil tanks to to form pressure oil release. Simple hydraulic systems usually use external gear pumps.

This kind of pump has mature structure and affordable price. RYAN has been recognized by many world-renowned OEMs for producing gear pumps. Among similar products, Ryan gear pumps have the advantages of low noise, high mechanical efficiency/volume efficiency, and good product consistency. And Ryan products can replace majority of imported gear pumps.

Gear pumps have three basic parameters: displacement, speed and pressure.

The selection of the gear pump should meet the basic needs of the actuator. For mixing, the product of the gear pump displacement and the speed should be able to meet the required flow when the hydraulic motor reaches the maximum speed. The working pressure of the gear pump is usually below 20MPa. The maximum working pressure of RYAN gear pump should be within 30MPa.

If there are higher requirements for system energy saving and noise, other types of hydraulic pump products should be considered, so they’re not described in this article. And the speed, power and working system of the generator/engine need to be considered in a comprehensive condition.

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